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  • Re: » Blog Archive » Young voters are much more opposed to blue passports being bro

    Brutal day in cryptoland -
    Reality is a cruel mistress......
    What I find interesting is that amongst all the major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is actually down the least, a mere 25% (things called Firstcoin and Komodo are down slightly less. Nope, me neither). One hesitates to suggest this is a flight to quality, perhaps a flight to greater liquidity.
    Bitcoin supports the prices of all the other coins. Thing of it as the South Sea Company stock to the stocks for a company That Proposes to a Great Undertaking.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The Tories must leave and give Corbyn his chance

    Scotland are awesome at rugby.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Those who rubbished Survation and the YouGov model look pretty

    You'd think this was 1997, from some comments.
    Context is everything Sean.

    Go back seven weeks and tell Conservatives they'd lose their majority from a 20 point lead and they either ask what care in the community project you were in or that the Messiah has endorsed Jezza .... or probably both.
    Granted, it's very disappointing, but there's still huge Conservative support.
    Quite so.

    That is why I believe it is foolish to shackle the Conservatives to the DUP. The Conservatives need to retain their coalition not alienate a substantial proportion of it.

    Every time the DUP talk about gay issues, abortion, religion, climate change, dinosaurs and their influence on the Conservative government you can just see a pile of votes drain away. And then there's some of the "interesting" history of the party.

    The PM, this one and the next should simply have dared the DUP to bring the government down. Instead the government will be looking over its shoulder waiting for the plug to be pulled at a time of the DUP's choosing whilst the opposition is wrapping the government to the DUP every day.
    Osborne made the point repeatedly on election night. The DUP are not the UUP. They are not Conservatives. The parties have little, if anything, in common. The modern Tory party had far more in common with the Lib Dems, far more.
    Whatever happened to the UUP?
    The DUP sabotage the peace process and power sharing until they got to be in charge.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why the 5/1 that President Trump will be impeached during his

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but this transcript of a 2014 talk by Steve Bannon is very interesting indeed - and not what you might expect:
    It's fascinating but I do giggle every time he says centre-right.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » If you are expecting WH2016 vote totals to be finalised quickl

    Donald Trump has accused a judge of being biased because he's Mexican, mocked the disabled, insulted the parents of a dead veteran and boasted of grabbing women by the pussy. I really can't get worked up about his daughter advertising jewellery for sale.
    Yes the voters knew he is a sleazeball and shruged their shoulders, (atleast almost half of them) they won't care about this.

    Politics is so debased now, why give a fuck about any "scandal'. Who cares.
    What I can't understand is why Hilary Clinton is so deified by many liberal commentators? I read the Guardian mostly, and it's opinion writers, especially it's cadre of feminist writers such as Jessica Valenti are actually traumatised by the Trump vote. They have projected so much onto her, almost as if she was the perfect candidate. The Guardian is literally pissing its pants and begging for money to fight Trump., and I can't fail to think that if Trump is such a monster (and he probably his) why didn't the Dems pick a better candidate?
    It almost feels as if it was Clinton's turn to have a play, and somehow she was denied it.
    This is what we were discussing yesterday. There was enough split ticket voting in Michigan and NC to swing the state from the Dems at Gubernatorial, House or Senate level to Trump for the White House. Dems turned out but they voted for Trump. Clinton was a rubbish candidate and should have been told by the DNC not to run and they should have pushed Biden to have a go for one term while they rebuilt the party machinery and flushed all the Clinton surrogates out.
    The Republicans won the overall vote for the House by 50% to 47%. So Clinton did slightly overperform Democratic House candidates, and Trump slightly underperformed Republicans.
    It looks like any GOP candidate may well have won, but I think the polling would have been 'more right'.
    Would a generic GOPer have got TRump's amazing vote efficiency? The vote count change needed ot flip this election is miniscule (as was Obama's lead in 2012)