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  • Re: » Blog Archive » Following her Boris paternity test joke Emily Thornberry becom

    Just found this on The Reg concerning Rudd, and, like this mighty organ, it is the comments which are even more interesting :
    The people who advise her from GCHQ will understand encryption perfectly well.

    I think rather than Rudd not understanding encryption its the Register that doesn't understand intelligence work.

    Also if you read what she says, what they want the tech community to do is a bit more subtle than a straight backdoor into the encryption.
    Rudd has two problems: one is that what she wants is either technically absurd or ill-defined.

    The other is that it is unthinkingly illiberal -- sure the bad guys watch videos of ISIL atrocities but hands up who watched 500 Americans get shot in Las Vegas. Clearly Rudd doesn't want to lock up everyone who has watched the news, but missions creep and the zeitgeist changes and suddenly we are tracking people who watch Jacob Rees-Mogg -- after all, he wants to replace the democratically-elected PM *and* he thinks gay people shouldn't drive Bentleys, or whatever it was.

  • Re: » Blog Archive » How Brexit is blinding us resulting in other massive issues be

    Trump exit betting: CarlottaVance on the last thread drew attention to reports that American charities or non-profit organisations are pulling events from Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

    My own belief (fwiw) is that if Trump does leave office early, it will be by resignation to rescue the family business rather than through impeachment.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why people voted Labour or Tory at the general election

    I now have a new Hero for top class trolling from the front page of today's Sunday Times.
    In one school she visited she was horrified — and said parents would be “surprised” — to see a class of 11-year-olds taken through GCSE mark schemes instead of being taught geography.
    In my day, we did not do this.

    One reason exam pass rates went up year on year is that teachers and pupils became far more sophisticated in exam technique. We coffin-dodgers were expected to learn maths, say, or history, and then answer whatever questions were thrown at us.

    These days, teachers teach narrowly to the test and pupils are drilled into how to analyse questions to provide exactly what is demanded -- even if they know nothing. If the question is about triangles but you can remember neither geometry nor trigonometry, then before skipping to the next question, at least draw a flaming triangle because there will be 1 or 2 marks (out of 20) for that tiny part of the full, correct answer.
    One reason for doing this is that the exams are returning to what they were 30 years ago (exams count, coursework is only a minor percentage of your final mark). Now I don't agree with what the teacher did but it was an absolute first class display of the displeasure of that teacher and whoever ensured that the head of Ofsted saw that lesson..
    By chance yesterday, I stumbled upon a biology revision web site written by a teacher who advised pupils to concentrate on topics A, B and C because D, E and F had already been covered on the first paper.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why Tory MPs must stop the Tory DUP deal from happening

    Christ on a bike, some aftertiming from Kirstie Allsop.
    Aftertiming - Is that a word?


    poetic literary the time to come; the future

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers
    Aftertiming in betting terms is tipping a winner after the race has been run. Being wise after the event.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why Tory MPs must stop the Tory DUP deal from happening

    Stray thought: when is David Cameron's autobiography coming out?
    As soon as Cameron has added a new final chapter: Missing Me?