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  • Re: » Blog Archive » Marf on TMay’s big idea – the war on plastic waste

    Re those celebrating Khan's tweet about Trump getting the message from Londoners...

    I am in two minds about this. I do not like Trump at all.

    But celebrating that the leader of a very major world power does not think it worth his while coming, especially given the other countries he has visited, does rather highlight our irrelevance.

    France managed to offer him a welcome - and I doubt that either Macron or the Parisians are any more fond of Trump than Khan and Londoners. I am quite certain that France is using that visit to position itself as the US's special friend in Europe.

    Khan is in danger of celebrating something which emphasises our diminished status in the world. A short-term tactical victory at the expense of a long-term strategy. If he really does have ambitions for the top job, he might want to think a bit harder about issues like this.

    David Cameron was Prime Minister when he said Trump was stupid and wrong and that a state visit would unite the country against him. I think you are right though, and that Khan and Cameron should not casually insult other countries' heads of state.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » After just 3 Tory PMs in 37 years we might soon 3 Tory PMs in

    They are not really news are they? He'd get rid of Trident as soon as he can... but unlike TMay he doesn't decide his party's policies alone. As soon as he can might be never.
    As PM he has unilateral authority over the subs. The first action of a new PM is to write to the sub commanders giving them instructions.

    Nobody can stop those instructions being, return to base permanently.

    Trident effectively decommissioned.
    The government has to order the missiles to be fired, so if it doesn't, they won't be. The letters you mention are the so-called last resort letters in case the submarines lose contact (presumably because Britain has been destroyed); the submarines could be ordered to return to base (and often there is only one on patrol anyway) but that is a separate question. It is hard to imagine any situation when we'd want to fire them, that would not also involve the United States.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The first leader out betting. (Also known as how much the worl

    Nonsense on stilts because it misses the point that Theresa May did not have to meet the public at all: she could have announced a series of measures -- the enquiry, rehousing, investigation, review of firefighting and whatever -- from Downing Street and sent someone else to the scene. The problem is she did go to the tower and then refuse to meet anyone, and was pretty slow with other measures. The people baying for Theresa May's head are Conservative MPs and even ministers and it is because she is no damn good at politics. She misread the public mood at the election and has done it again now.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Has the 2017 general election killed Scottish nationalism ston

    Presumably the boundary review is dead? Again.
    You'd hope so. We've seen tonight and in 2015 that the Conservative Party can win seats in Scotland and Wales.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Ipsos MORI ends a morning of bad news for the Tories with the

    I don't think I can bear to watch May on BBC QT tonight.

    It could be a bloodbath.

    I hope I'm wrong.
    Theresa May could dazzle us on QT -- for all we know, she could have spent the last fortnight rehearsing QT eight hours a day. It's not as if she's had much else on.