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  • Re: » Blog Archive » The LDs appear to have chosen their next two leaders without a


    If the demonstrators trash London in the name of democracy, could someone pick me up a nice pair of trousers from M&S?
    I suspect in this modern age where M&S find retailing difficult, a nice pair of trousers from M&S may be an oxymoron.

    It is unbelievable how inept M&S are at identifying the needs and requirements of their potential customers, the styles that are required and providing a retail experience that is conducive to getting those potential customers to purchase. While some may consider it to be science, it isn't rocket science.
    I recall buying some socks in M&S .... I think it was 1974 ....

    Their food halls are passable at a push. What I don't understand is this modern vogue for wire baskets and trolleys that customers are encouraged to walk around with. Don't these people employ footmen in appropriate livery and at the very least personal shoppers?
  • Re: » Blog Archive » TMay drops to new ratings low & comes under fire for not meeti

    On McDonnell and the march (replies suggest he didn't actually say 'force'):
    UK does not currently have a legally elected government.

    People are already putting out "The Truth"-type spin about the evil residents causing the fire deaths.

    I sense terrible echoes of Hillsborough.
    Last time I checked the UK still had a government.
    I'm glad you checked .... there's a nasty rumour going round that's its gone AWOL.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Tonight’s polls range from ComRes 12% CON lead to Survation’s

    I would imagine if it hasnt already done so the threat level needs to go back to critical just to protect polling stations on Thursday.
    Former SAS hero, Lord Nuttall VC DSO and bar will be on the job ....
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The size of her majority will determine the sort of PM Theresa

    TM was a useless and ineffective Home Sec, she has been a petulant and inflexible autocratic PM for nearly a year, and been in charge of a supremely useless campaign team. None of this bodes well for the next few years in office.

    She was the longest serving Home Secretary for 60 years, so she must have been doing something right (even though Blair's reforms did remove some of the inherent problems with the role). And there can't be many politicians who have been able to use a stint at the Home Office as a pre-cursor to becoming Prime Minister - it doesn't exactly have a history of enhancing reputations.

    Think of the previous 6 Labour Home secretaries. All of them duffers but perhaps Jacqui Smith being the absolute rock bottom of the barrel.

    Straw, Blunkett, Clarke, Reid, Smith and Johnson
    Diane Abbott - The Best Home Secretary We'll Never Have? - Discuss.

    Clearly only after a trip to A&E because of laughter induced cracked ribs.
    Would she really have been worse than Jacqui Smith? Appallingly incompetent and out of her depth undoubtedly but worse than Smith? That is a real challenge.
    Tis a challenge that Diane Abbott would rise to with absolute ease. My only concern would be whether His Munifisence Pope Paul Nuttall VC and bar would dare have such a rival in his government of all the talents ?!?
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Next Prime Minister: Gus O’Donnell at 250/1?

    HUZZAH - A peer as Prime Minister - :smile:

    BOO - Not a Scottish peer - :astonished:

    HUZZAH - A most entertaining thread leader - :smile:

    BOO - Ladbrokes don't list Viscount Malcomg of Ayrshire as a contender - :astonished: