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  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why TMay must stay – for now

    Still can't believe this!!
    I find it hilarious you're celebrating these results, with gusto, when only the day before yesterday you refused to cast a ballot for Labour because you thought Corbyn was a disaster.

    Turns out you don't have many scruples and concerns about the hard Left at all, other than they don't win elections.
    Ah come on. Appreciate you're shocked and upset, but don't be a sore loser. This is the first time Labour has gained seats in twenty years. Can you imagine that? Chuck in all the gloating on here we've taken. Twenty years of shit, abuse and going backwards.

    We're entitled to enjoy it a bit.
    @Casino_Royale is simply pointing out that 48 hours ago there were Labour moderates on here slagging of Corbyn. Not because they thought he couldn't win (though they did think he wouldn't win) but because they actually didn't agree with his policies.

    I don't agree with Corbyn's policies. I can't forgive or forget his past. But he has undeniably taken Labour forward. The reason I am so delighted with Thursday's result, though, is because the Tories did not get a mandate for what I saw as May's profoundly dangerous Brexit strategy. That is well worth celebrating.

    Absolutely! We were going down a very dangerous path.

    Labour, like a veteran boxer, got off the canvas to deliver one last blow sufficient to kill that idea. Thank you Labour.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Local By-Election Review : 2015 – 2017 Parliament

    So to be PM you basically have to be OK with a bit of genocide or at the very least be prepared to lie about it.

    Not sure what to make of that.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » UKIP: circling the whirlpool

    Refreshing intervention from Brown. So nice to hear a constructive voice. Makes a change from the sterile Tory/SNP debate.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Trump goes on the offensive against the media – a sign of the

    Jesus Christ! I can't see trump lasting. Too many skeletons and too many news organisations digging for dirt and there will be plenty. He can shout the press down now but it'll be much harder in a couple of weeks when he's standing next to the world's leaders

    youve just become old and stale Roger

    think of Trump as living art and youre part of the set

    now fill up your bladder and head for the dockside
    Bullshit. Carry on Roger!
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Boris the favourite as betting opens on who’ll lead the EU

    The voting intentions polling proved a lot of rubbish in 2010-15. However, the "best PM" polling was a highly accurate predictor of the result: as Lord Ashcroft reminds us today in his excellent analysis of the election, Cameron ALWAYS led Miliband on the "best PM" question, even during the Tories' 2012 Omni-Doldrums.

    As such, I would be a bit worried by Osborne only being tyed with Corbyn on "best PM" polling so far.
    That's not comparing like with like. Cameron had been leader for nearly five years, and was already PM at the time. Even if it were comparing like with like, I'd trust my judgement rather than the polls on this at this very early stage. Feel free to bet on the other side if you disagree!
    But Boris is also not PM, yet he nevertheless has a big lead over Corbyn on "best PM" polling.

    There is clearly something about Osborne that people don't like -- as I've said before, one of Cameron's advantages is that, although people think he is posh, they still think he's a nice enough family man who you could have a drink with and chat to, whereas Osborne comes across as much more weird and aloof. If people don't relate to or trust a politician personally, they are much more likely to believe the Opposition's scare stories about them.
    Osborne is not as popular as Brown was at this stage of their near identical careers.