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If I write something in here, where does it end up?


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  • Re: » Blog Archive » The YouGov Brexit tracker continues to show that those who thi

    I feel like there's a tendency in polls to go against the government when there isn't an election, hence midterm blues and then swing back.

    Given that the government is now pro Brexit that leads anyone wanting to kick the government to say it was Wrong.
    Yeah. Sure. That must be it.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » After a chaotic day TMay’s position looks even weaker

    What is concerning about the Greening situation is that it appears that someone who belives in State and indeed Comprehensive Eeducation has gone, to be replaced by someone who has advocated separete religious schools.

    It’ll be Dame Schools next as a Tory policy!
    That was Greenings crime, she doesn't agree with May over more Grammar schools. Tis a pity the first ever Education Secretary from a Comprehensive has gone in such a way. Still, Angela Rayner is something to look forward to.

    I don't blame her for refusing DWP with the poisoned chalice of UC. She may well be better off cultivating her constituency, it is likely to be an electoral target next time.

    So the Twittermob got Toby? It is hard to have a lot of sympathy. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.
    Bollocks. The Twitter mob didn't get Tony but Tony himself. These were not things said by someone in their youth but by a grown man in his late 40s at the time.

    I fail to see why Young was suited for this role. Can any of his supporters say why he was a good candidate, yet alone the best?

    Next: Sean Thomas for governmental adviser on women's issues ... ;)
    Exactly. There is only role for which there is any competition that Toby Young qualifies for. His worse enemy.