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  • Re: » Blog Archive » The LDs appear to be returning to their former role as NOTA –

    New quiz from Activate - What kind of Conservative are you? I got Liberal Conservative, perhaps surprisingly
    I got Traditional Conservative, despite saying that welfare was a good safety net, and approving of gay marriage. What mirror universe have I woken up in :o
    Me too, think their algothm needs a little work.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Tories are aping DTrump when they claim the electoral system’s

    Play abandoned for the day in Melbourne. If anyone laid the draw it’s time to get out now, this is almost certain to be an unfinished match tomorrow.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » A reminder of the great political betting night June 23/24 201

    Did I say O'Mara's comments were Guido Fawkes' fault? No. I said these comments are the norm for a great lot of this country, and that Guido's website has played a key role in dragging this kind of vile culture into political commentary (e.g.

    Penny quotes comments about her on Staines’s site. "Perhaps Sharia might be a good thing after all, if Ms Penny was not allowed out without a member of her Family and we did not have to look at her face, also we could stone her to death...” "Call me old fashioned bt this young lady shouid [sic] be whipped through the streets of London before being made to suck Ken Livingstones cock as people throw shit at the pair of them." She asked for these to be taken down and the men who run the site told her to get a sense of humour.

    Guido has allowed and encouraged a lot worse from his supporters. He's not part of the cure 'shining a light' on anything, but part of the disease.
    You went BTL

    Don't go BTL

    Always good advice.

    Frankly, on O’Mara, I’ve said as bad or worse than much of it as part of deliberately offensive humour, though rarely online (if going full racist or sexist joke for effect, best make really really sure the people receiving it are on board), and I don’t think his being a cock is worthy of resignation, but nor is Guido going after him symptomatic of much. His own comments section is foul, I am sure (I think I recall him making some changes a year or so back to curtail it somewhat), but if someone is in a position of authority and they posture about their own righteousness, they are going to be targets. O’Mara himself unnecessarily made things more complicated than he needed to by suggesting a Tory is unlikely to be able to change and thus should probably resign over such things, which added a level of self justifying nonsense to the proceedings. I think this article could be correct.
    Yep, with every election there will be more children of the ‘90s becoming MPs. By the time of the next scheduled election someone born in 1990 would be 32. Apologies in advance for making people feel old!
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Looking at conference rhetoric – the politics of fear and the

    The Tory campaign was hinged on the idea that Corbyn was a dog whistle for their vote. They totally overlooked that their campaign and leader was a massive recruiting sergeant for the left. I don't think they get that yet.

    I am no Corbyn fan, but he was the better of the two.
    I think they get it entirely. Every Conservative I've spoken to was horrified by the incompetence of the campaign, and gobsmacked that, as you say, even Corbyn, of all people on this earth, was able to come out as the better of the two.
    Again not sure you fully get it. It wasn't the campaign (which was bad). It was the underlying product. Both the personnel and the policies. It seemed that 2015-7 the Tories forgot everything that got them into power.

    Jonathan I do not think the Conservatives forgot but they thought Labour was finished under Corbyn and they could in essence do what they like.They took many voters for granted that they had nowhere else to go.My father a Conservative for the first time in his life refused to vote.
    That is my view
    Big g My father was a big Thatcher supporter in the 80s my mother CND , they were always were discussing politics when I was young.No wonder I felt most comfortable under Blair.Last year they had been married 60 years so I got a copy of their wedding certificate and sent it off, so they got a letter from the Queen my mum even though not a monarchist was really pleased.
    When my wife (then fiancée) was sending out the invitations to our wedding which she'd handmade she made an extra 4 and sent them out to invite the Queen, the Prime Minister (then Cameron), the President (then Obama) and to Disneyland to invite Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

    We got nice letters back from the Queen, the PM and Minnie and Mickey Mouse. All wishing us all the best for the wedding etc and clearly by a secretary in all cases who probably deals with that sort of thing regularly but they were all really nice letters. Unsurprisingly they all turned politely down the invitation. Obama's office was the only one not to reply.
    That’s an awesome story! I take it the reply letters are now framed and residing in the smallest room of the house?
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Johnson the big loser – Rees-Mogg the big winner in the CON le

    Apologies to those who have replied, but I have been away amateur sleuthing re this so will try to answer all in one post.
    Was wrong about one thing, it is available from 2 suppliers. Colour me not shocked, but the pricing is identical (!).
    The school has relented and allowed years 10 and 11 to continue with the old PE kit (but not uniform). No use to me as youngest is Year 8. The school say he'll need new PE kit as he grows. I say he has a brother who already has numerous sizes of PE kit and uniform now destined for the Charity Shop.
    Worse, they have gendered the PE kit. Previously, it was all blue with white edging (Chelsea-ish). Now it resembles a Jackson Pollock if he was only allowed 24 shades of blue, The boys is predominantly dark, the girls lighter.
    This is a clear attempt to prevent anyone buying from other sources, as well as stopping hand-me-downs between different sex siblings.
    Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be encouraging girls to partake in sport? Team GB don't have gendered kit in the athletics. Mark out girls as part of a different team?
    The school is not yet an Academy, but is "transitioning to one." (Insert your own joke).

    This is blatant price gouging. Maybe an investigation of this could be a positive and popular free market policy the Govt. could adopt?

    Ps, The £150 is before shirts, trousers and shoes, which remain mercifully logo free!
    Is this a state school? Sounds absolutely bizaare...
    I suspect that such a uniform policy may be an attempt to create a school ethos and spirit, perhaps in order to become an academy.

    The cynic in me does wonder whether it is designed to be covertly selective by income and parental co-operation, by keeping out those who either cannot afford the kit list, or lack the discipline to get children to adhere to it. It may be inherently socially discriminatory.
    We are lucky enough to be able to afford it. There was a time when we couldn't. We used to buy second hand, which is obviously not an option for anyone now.
    If they want to socially select like this, they'll have trouble round here. The next nearest Secondary is 12 miles away, after that it is 35 miles, so there aren't any competitors.
    Sounds like a good case to write a letter to the local paper, with a copy to your MP. There will be numerous other parents not as able to afford the new uniforms as yourselves.