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  • Re: » Blog Archive » The first leader out betting. (Also known as how much the worl

    Nothing like the Tory party for kicking someone when they're down. If they got behind her and stopped plotting she would be much more able to deal with the current crises.

    It takes a lot for me to sympathise with a brexiteer in trouble but when I see people trying to crucify her for not 'doing' sympathy properly I start feeling queasy. Remember they did the same to HRH when Diana died and a more excruciating example of tawdry mob rule I can't remember seeing.
    Get the tumbrils out , plenty of Tories to fill them
    Yes usual Tory working as agency nurse and ,milking the public purse , claimed to be using foodbanks. Just back from luxury holiday in USA , out munching at top class restaurant. Sounds like calling her a Tory liar for lying about using foodbanks sounds like the absolute truth to me.
    Not surprised to see you muck stirring though, don't see much comment about your great pal Theresa coming from you lately.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The first leader out betting. (Also known as how much the worl

    Did they test "Do you know what Customs Union means?" before asking if we should leave it?

    The options defining what a Customs Union is are very leading and, in my opinion, incorrect.

    For example, 37% have picked the option 'paying a fee to access this customs union" to enable 'free trade' with the EU. This is then added to the 22% who don't want to Leave the EU at all to make up the 69%, once don't knows are removed.

    Firstly, that's not what a customs union is - you can have free trade without it, hence all the EFTA countries - and, secondly, it's asking for access, not full membership of it, and fails to make clear this would inhibit any ability of the UK to make its own trade deals.

    Interesting how it's only Remainer bitter-enders sharing this.
    Agree with you on the dodginess of merging options in pie charts. I don't think the question is leading but it does oversimplify a complex issue. For example free trade isn't absolute as both the question and your critique of it imply. Customs unions allow for freer trade than you would otherwise have. It does say that a customs union would prevent the UK from negotiating its own trade deals (which isn't strictly the case - it limits what those deals can agree).

    The remarkable figure though is that 35% of the population think no agreed deal with the EU would be GOOD for Britain.

    Given the amount of dunderheids in UK, I am surprised it is only 35%
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Why Theresa May will be hoping for another polling industry fa

    They used to call the Tory party the nasty party - some Labour supporters should look at themselves first
    No used to in it , they are the NASTY LYING TOERAG party.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The size of her majority will determine the sort of PM Theresa

    To justify her pro IRA views over the past 34 years Diane Abbott says her hair has changed too.
    Actually I think you'll find Diane and Jezz didn't support the IRA... They supported Sinn Fein.

    No. They directly supported IRA muderers and said they wanted the IRA to win against the British state.
    Assume you supported the British state murdering people as well.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » The size of her majority will determine the sort of PM Theresa

    New Scotland poll ?

    NAT SINKING FEELING Shock poll shows SNP at three-year low with 32 MPs ‘at risk’ as General Election race tightens
    Surveymonkey? Is this a proper weighted poll? It looks like it but I am not sure. Maybe just too good to be true from my perspective.
    Not sure how they get 39%:29%:25% translating to only 24 seats...
    Seems very unlikely doesn't it? But it would be possible if there was strong and efficient tactical voting by Unionists across different parts of the country.

    One success that the SNP has had which has largely gone unremarked is the disengagement of the Scottish election from the UK one. The issue up here is independence and almost nothing else. Corbyn and May both seem peripheral. It is all about Nicola, Ruth and Kezia (who is having a much better campaign than I expected).
    Slightly unfair.
    Ruth & her buds have managed to insert devolved policy making into a Westminster election at every turn, not to forget the heartbreaking work of staggering genius that is preserving winter fuel payments for Scotch crumblies.
    I don't see how I could be being unfair in giving the SNP a compliment. Scottish politics is disengaging from rUK, partly for the reasons you have said. When the majority of the decisions that people actually care about are made at Holyrood it is inevitable that these issues will be debated in the campaign even if MPs have increasingly little say on the matters being argued about. As a Unionist I find it a concern but an inevitable consequence of a high level of devolution.

    Indyref2 has of course exacerbated the trend this time around, possibly not to the advantage of the SNP in the way that Nicola hoped.
    David , if you look at the pathetic Scottish conservative election policies, copy of London and SNPBAD it is unbelievable that they can even get one MP. We have some real numpties in Scotland, greedy grasping Tory ones and jsut stupid easily fooled morons and of course the Tories are the champions of teh knuckle dragging idiots who liv ein the past, they will come a cropper over that. Ruthie is only in it for herself and first whiff of a decent gig in London it will be F*** Scotland I am off.