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  • Re: » Blog Archive » Not quite the Thursday newspaper headlines that Team TMay had

    If Tory MPs are incapable of behaving then they need to be bypassed. Look to the Lords and beyond for a figure who can lead both the party and the country for 18 months to get us through Brexit. I have a name to float to you who could do that job, is a well-respected statesman and isn't too enmeshed in the current bickering.

    Sir John Major.
    He's not a Lord.
    Chris Patten, then. Not that old, although he may be weary and not want the job. Certainly a statesman.
  • Re: » Blog Archive » Betting on Labour polling under 20% at the next general electi

    Waaaayyy off-topic:

    A week or so ago I mentioned a ship that for into some trouble off Dover. They were very, very lucky:

    On another thread it was commented on that the electricity interconnector to France was not running at full capacity. That might be the case for some time: it appears that whilst it was trying to anchor itself, the ship damaged four of the eight cables forming the link.


    Worse, it looks as though it might cause some supply problems in France as they were expecting to import power this winter as some of their nukes are down.
    It's not only France that could have a problem. The UK normally imports 2 GW from France via the cable. It may now export 2 GW if their prices are higher than our prices, giving a difference of 4 GW in a UK peak demand of about 60 GW.

    If another 2010 winter arrives, it might be very hard to maintain supply without buggering up manufacturing industry, i.e. by asking factories to switch things off for several hours. A simpler alternative would be to order domestic consumers to turn up their gas central heating and turn off their electric fan heaters - the gas network has less problem meeting very high peak demands on cold days. But this is deemed to be 'interference in individual lifestyles'.